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Talk about poker in all forms, this forum is open for all but remember that there can be some goodies hidden if you are logged in. Do you wanna know whats happening to our free online poker management web application then look no further. Become a member and you will now! Or are you looking for those secret passwords to different tournaments, you might find some of them in here.
Poker @ forumsTalk about tournaments |  To Win Internet Poker, Do I Really Need The 3rd Software?
To Win Internet Poker, Do I Really Need The 3rd Software?
Posts: 6
Pageviews: 8570

I am a very serious poker player, and I play several times a week. (Actually, almost every day) Of course, to win the internet poker, I've used a variety of poker software, but I am still looking for something special, that is "profitable" to me. Now, I have some questions here. I will wait for your opinions.

1. Most software has features like Poker Calculator. But I still have no convince that it is valuable. Surely, Poker Calculator gave me some useful information but I think it blocks my instinct more frequently. In most case, it is not valuable for me. How do you utilize this feature?

2. About Player's ranks - Some software (or service) shows the player's rank; that is about who fish is or who is shark. It may watch the tables and save the poker player's gain/loss information in the server. And it provides player's ranking statistics to its subscribers. Is it valuable? I think not. There are too many players, and their strategies are changed every time. I cannot believe that the pre-made player's information is valuable. If necessary, it might be better to replace the pre-made player information with the real-time player's statistics. In some software like Pokerpro2006 Calculator, my opponents statistics are given on a real-time base. These kinds of software make flop-seen rate, showdown, betting pattern, win rate.., and so on automatically while I am playing. And just after 10 minutes, they tell my opponents? playing. I think it is much valuable, isn't it?

3. Can I make money with this good featured software like Pokerpro2006 Calculator, PokerTracker, PokerIndicator..? It looks very good, but is it really valuable? Besides, I have many questions that internet poker winning software is valuable or not. Welcome to share. This is my review of what I experienced with some poker software. It is just my thought, so feel free to share your experience.

2006-12-20 18:21:10
2006-12-25 20:02:31

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Posts: 8
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I tend to agree, I'm only a novice player so I can't really elaborate on what's right or wrong. But from my perspective I belive that to become a highroller, I wouldn't trust myself to a poker calculator or some other software. But instead, as you mentioned, I must rely solely on my instincts, and more so my gained knowledge about the game itself.

Then again, there are many good software programs written to aid ones play. I've tried PokerOffice whitout the featured live tracker, mainly to just record my games and analyze them afterwards. The live tracker is a great feature, and I'm sure most people use it, but in the long run I'm pretty sure to do better whitout it.

2006-12-25 20:02:31
2006-12-25 20:02:31

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