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Pokerforum @ for poker related stuff

Talk about poker in all forms, this forum is open for all but remember that there can be some goodies hidden if you are logged in. Do you wanna know whats happening to our free online poker management web application then look no further. Become a member and you will now! Or are you looking for those secret passwords to different tournaments, you might find some of them in here.
Poker @ forumsLatest news! |  DOldChum talks about the Betfair joining Pokerchamps platform!
DOldChum talks about the Betfair joining Pokerchamps platform!
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Midweek and 3 days into the long awaited introduction of the Betfair players into the Pokerchamps software (the new Betfair software) we interviewed one of the old Pokerchamps players DOldChum.

Webmaster: Hi DOldChum and thank you for taking your time to answer some questions and congratulations on finishing 6th in yesterdays $1000 added at 22.00 CET.

DOldChum: Thanks, I didnt win but it was an ok start atleast and it will be fun to answer your questions.

Webmaster: So what do you think about the "New" Pokerchamps so far?

DOldChum: I like the influx of players alot, it has been a bit low the last months since Pokerchamps banned the US players. Other than that there is very much the same. A few things has been changed that I dont like though. The constant refresh of the tourney lobby and the timebank change.

Webmaster: What has happened to the timebank?

DOldChum: They lowered it from 60 secs to 10 secs and it doesnt add up as much anymore during the tournament as it used to. It feels like you dont have time to analyze your hand anymore instead you just have to react.

Webmaster: What about the servers. Do you feel they can handle the load of all new players?

DOldChum: Both yes and no, yesterday in the tournament there were wait time between hands for up to 30 secs. But there were constant messages in both the chat window and in the clients news ticker that they were working on the issue.

Webmaster: So what you are saying is that there were instant info about the ongoing problems? That, for me seems like a big improvement from the old Pokerchamps where no news/info was what all expected.

DOldChum: Well, its Betfair that runs the client now so......

Webmaster: This was all for know, thanks once again for your time and good luck with your tourney play on the "new" champs.

2006-11-01 13:24:44
2006-11-01 13:24:44

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