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Talk about poker in all forms, this forum is open for all but remember that there can be some goodies hidden if you are logged in. Do you wanna know whats happening to our free online poker management web application then look no further. Become a member and you will now! Or are you looking for those secret passwords to different tournaments, you might find some of them in here.
Poker @ forumsTalk about tournaments |  $100000 Guarantee Prima network!
$100000 Guarantee Prima network!
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Wow is the first thing I must say after playing in it for the first time today. Yesterday i won a satellite seat $5+$1 buyin with 1 out of 10 getting a ticket worth $50+$5 to the main event, 23 tickets rewarded and $20 to the one on the bubble.

The tournament had 1006 entrants with about 200 winning seats from satellites and unlimited rebuys and one addon the first hour. The play is surprisingly loose considering the rebuy is at $50 but I guess since this is the biggest tourney on Prima there is the top players playing it and $50 for them are not that much . After the rebuy period ended and addon is over the total prizepool stands at $120000 ($70000 worth of rebuys and addons) . Like I said, some people have to much money. At this time I have managed to triple up to about 4500, with avg. stack before rebuys at 4500 but after 5500 (I was chipleader before but not after).

After the rebuy period ended the play started to be a bit more normal. A four times BB bet could be made without knowing anyone goes allin on shit and nothing. 20 mins into this session I make from UTG with AK four times BB (1800 out of my stack at 3600) and the player after me raises me which makes me either fold or go allin. Considering the play he has made before this raise I put him on either a low pair or something similar to mine. I call and he shows 77 which turns into a 4 of kind and my day is over.

All in all it was a fun tourney to play in with a shot at loads of money (atleast for a non pro) and I definately will try more satellites to qualify for more.

Tournament info:

  • 1006 Entrants
  • $50+$5 buyin
  • 130 places paid
  • $120000 prizepool ($20000 added from rebuys and addons)
  • 1st place $28000
  • Unlimited rebuys first hour + one addon
  • 1500 starting chips
  • 12 mins blinds
  • 1 hour play with 5 mins break
2006-08-20 23:36:19
2006-08-20 23:36:19

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