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Talk about poker in all forms, this forum is open for all but remember that there can be some goodies hidden if you are logged in. Do you wanna know whats happening to our free online poker management web application then look no further. Become a member and you will now! Or are you looking for those secret passwords to different tournaments, you might find some of them in here.
Poker @ forumsLatest news! |  CarbonPoker SnG Leaderboard
CarbonPoker SnG Leaderboard
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Sit'n'Go Tournaments are one of the most popular formats of a poker game. Its how most home cash games are run and they are short simple and loads of fun to play. To reward all our loyal Sit'n'Go players we introduce to you; the monthly Sit'n'Go Leaderboard.

How It Works: The leaderboard awards points to each player based upon their placings in any Sit'n'Go tournament. This includes satellites and bounty Sit'n'Go's as well. Points are calculated based on a formula that is scaled depending on the cost of the buy in. For example, a tournament with an entry of $10+1$ will award more points to the winner than a tournament with an entry of $1+$0.10.

The other factor that comes into play is the streak bonus. Winning several tournaments in a row is quite an impressive feat and thus we feel should be rewarded accordingly. So the streak bonus multiplies your points depending on how big your winning streak is and the bigger the streak, the bigger the multiplier.

What You Can Win: Simply put: a load of cash if you place in the top 25 on the leaderboard. In total there is $10,000 for the Sit'n'Go Leaderboard but it doesn't stop there. There is also a separate $2000 prize pool and leaderboard for those with the best winning streak. The leaderboard's are finalized and paid out at the end of each month.

Try out this new leaderboard at

2009-04-05 13:41:44
2009-04-05 13:43:40

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