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Pokerforum @ for poker related stuff

Talk about poker in all forms, this forum is open for all but remember that there can be some goodies hidden if you are logged in. Do you wanna know whats happening to our free online poker management web application then look no further. Become a member and you will now! Or are you looking for those secret passwords to different tournaments, you might find some of them in here.
Poker @ forumsLatest news! |  Changing ISP and more!
Changing ISP and more!
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We are in the process of changing ISP for both the domain and the hosting and will be offline for a few days due to this. We have no exact timeframe for when this will occur but it will happen within the next 5 days.

We apologize for any problems this will cause you but we will be back with a more stable hosting and a lot more power behind to meet the increasing users at our site.

Thanks in advance

The team at

2008-09-26 14:40:07
2008-09-26 14:40:07

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