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Welcome to Poker @ We are offering you one of the best statistical tracker for poker for free. On top of that we give you a guide to the best bonus codes offered by poker sites available and provide you with a list of the best freerolls out there with our freeroll tracker. Furthermore we list the poker sites we have played on with short summaries and reviews, display a collection of poker books worth reading and finally gives you a poker forum to discuss whatever you want.

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The overall prize-pool must grow as the 650,000 Premium Chase progresses, meaning the individual 5,000 prizes also increase. But, just as youre aiming to catch the player in front, be wary of others chasing you. If enough opponents get past, your prize can slip back to a smaller one.

Make sure youre on the tables whenever the total prize-pool in 650,000 Premium Chase is about to hit the next 50,000 landmark. On the 10 occasions this happens, a Milestone Draw is held to celebrate. Each draw offers 300 prizes worth 15,000 in total.

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$10,000 Dollar Frenzy
Posted by TREVSTER

On Sunday, January 26th  Carbonpoker are putting up $10,000 for a massive value added tournament titled $10,000 Dollar Frenzy.

$10,000 will be guaranteed by Carbonpoker!

All you have to do to take part is buy-in  for $1.00 (this event is fee free) for your shot at cashing in on a major prize. The great news is that every $1.00 of the buy-in will go back into the prize pool ensuring the prize pool will grow to heights dictated by you, the player!

Here are the tournament details: 

Tournament Name: $10,000 Dollar Frenzy
Date: Sunday, January 26th, 2014
Time: 16:00 Server Time 
Buy-in: $1.00 (Cash, Entry Coupon or VIP Points) 
Tab Location:  Tournaments > Regular

Sign up at Carbonpoker today to join the $10K Dollar Frenzy

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July reload bonus at Carbonpoker, PDCPoker and Aced Poker!

We are happy to announce another huge monthly bonus for players to sink their teeth into this July. By entering promo code JULY70 at the time of your next deposit youfll receive a gigantic re-load bonus of 70% up to $350 valid at CarbonPoker, PDC Poker and Aced.

  1. JULY70 awards 70% up to $350.00.
  2. Bonus valid for CarbonPoker, PDC Poker, and Aced Poker.
  3. Enter the code gJULY70 in the cashier with any reload deposit.
  4. This bonus is claimable from July 1st 00:00:00 until Friday July 20th 23:59:00 PM server time.
  5. Bonus awarded in $5 increments and completed after earning 100 VIP points for each dollar of the bonus amount.
  6. All players must meet these Terms & Conditions. ChipSplit, CarbonPoker, PDC Poker and Aced Poker reserve the right to modify these rules at any time, and for any reason, at their sole discretion.

Try your luck at either CarbonPoker, PDC Poker or Aced Poker

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The application is divided into 4 parts with the Bankroll tracker as the father of the 3 others but each can be used individually. Entering data into our Cash, Sit & Go or Tournament tracker will automatically update your bankroll tracker and affect the numbers displayed there.

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A Freeroll poker tournament is a risk-free way to improve your play and win some free cash in the process. Participating in free rolls cost you nothing, but the tournaments still have prize pools paid by the hosting poker room. Find the best freerolls with the largest prize pools using Poker Listing's unique freeroll schedule. also provides you with exclusive strategy articles, a poker odds calculator and a dedicated poker forum

Scheduled freerolls for today, if you would like to see the whole list of freerolls, go to our Freeroll tracker
Good luck and may your cards be live and your pots be monstrous.

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